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Yesterday I got home from babysitting (getting paid $10/hour to sleep off my jet lag, a wonderous "job") to find my basement room immersed somewhat in the results of a rainstorm that afternoon.

It made me wish quite fervently that I made more of a habit of, say, not putting things on the floor when I am done with them. Particularly not things made of paper like big beautiful art books, adored paperbacks and bank statements.

Opening the paper this morning somewhat tempered my sulkiness about a few things being ruined though.

I don't know, everything's very strange at the moment.

Tonight my sister is leaving for Australia where she will be for at least six months. Next week or so I am moving out for the first time to my own place. My little brother sadly commented that he does not approve of "this dispersal."

I don't know.

(ps: I'm not sure I approve of these little emotion faces. As the blank one has a smile but everyone who has ever seen my face in action would know that my default face (blank, if you will,) has a turned down mouth.)

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