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Right, well, while I wait for certain people in certain timezones to be done with the sleep cycle of their days so I can maybe call them and berate myself, I shall take impotant online quizzes. Clearly more important than, say, doing anything constructive like getting gas and a phone line for my new flat, or drying out flood damaged things.

So. To the quizzes.

You Are Western Boots

Your boots can sure walk a long mile - but they're still chic!

Your 80s Heartthrob Is

Kirk Cameron

7 things that scare you:
1. Big crowds in enclosed spaces. And open spaces. (Big crowds, then.)
2. Fires in big crowds.
3. Never really doing anything with myself
4. That my kids will never know my grandmother
5. Getting unhappy in the winter
6. Graphic descriptions of freak accidents
7. Being alone at night in the city, somewhere dark. (Sometimes. Sometimes it's wonderful)

7 things you like the most:
1. Waking up feeling positive
2. Fruit salad
3. Dresses
4. Finding lost things in the street
5. My closest friends (My brother and my boyfriend. How sad.)
6. Books that make you read all night but stop at the last ten pages because you don't want it to finish.
7. Seeing an idea come to fruition. And it being better than you thought.

7 random facts about you:
1. I used to have a very very sticky outy belly button.
2. My wrists ache a lot.
3. For 6 months when I was a kid, I refused to wear shoes.
4. I get worse hangovers than anyone else I know. But today I don't, which is nice.
5. I pick off the skin on my right thumb and eat it. I'm repulsive.
6. I am endlessly intrigued by images of the Virgin and Child.
7. I worry that growing up in a single parent family will make it hard to have successful relationships in the future.

7 things you plan to do before you die:
1. Open a cafe that serves only breakfast food. (Perfect soft eggs and coffee. Mmm.)
2. Sell clothes in a boutique that also sells cocktails.
3. Visit every European city on my list (it's long)
4. Become fluent in French
5. Do some good.
6. Be a teacher
7. Live in New York

7 things you can’t do:
1. Admit that I'm wrong.
2. Stop sneezing. Right now.
3. Disguise my dislike for people.
4. Walk in uncomfortable shoes, high-heeled or otherwise.
5. Paint (although this is because I never really tried.)
6. Make an omelette. Or spell one. How embarrassing.
7. Argue about something I really care about without crying. Which never helps my case.

7 things you can do:
1. Ugly drawings
2. Dance (in my own special, special way)
3. Waste time.
4. Cook (everything but omelettes)
5. Take charge
6. Intimidate. If I want to.
7. Make new friends quickly.

7 things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. Talent
2. Enthusiasm
3. Enjoyable hands and arms
4. Pretty eyes, lips, nose, hair, skin.
5. Good clothes. I'm that shallow.
6. Music.
7. Amusant-ness.

7 things you say the most:
1. I don't know.
2. I'm tired.
3. Little one.
3. I'm just sad.
4. I'm hungry
5. I had the weirdest dream...
6. I miss you.
7. I'm an idiot.

4 celeb crushes (whether local or foreign):
1. Cilian Murphy
2. Scarlet Johansen.
3. Stephin Merritt
4. Conor Oberst.

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