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I started college this week. I have yet to come to any conclusions. Although whenever I'm not sure how I feel, I tend to use my thumb (and raggedynes thereof) as a barometer. And I have to be honest, it's not looking good. The two chewed patches (one either side of the nail) have met in the middle. Uh oh.

I was very spoilt at St Paul's by only having intelligent interesting people around. I freely admit that I'm a brain snob, so turning up at St Martin's to realise that the clever ones are going to be an extreme minority was a little disappointing.

I am also very bad at meeting new groups. Well, I am very good for about five minutes but then I accidentally say things like "I hate you" and don't know how to retrace my steps.

Yeaches. On the plus side, I spent a lot of this afternoon hopping on and off busses for the first project they set. How I love busses. Mmm. I really hope the routemasters are still running in November when Erick visits. They're phasing the routemasters out. Which is a crying shame.

And now, to pastures new. Or at least upstairs.

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