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Live Journal cherry-popping

Today has been sub-par all round.
Various reasons including a) my inability to cook an ommelette (an *ommelette!*
b) the rain
c) money (or lack thereof)
d) My last ever shift at the coffeehouse being schedule swapped so I had nothing to do all evening.
e) A sense of doom and despair and futility about logisitcs and the future and such.

Lights in the darkness, however have been:

a) The Half Price Book Store. Which is one of my favourite places in KC. I wandered there on my own this afternoon and found some great things - Birthday presents for my sister (a hefty slab of a book full of glossy pages and street photography, and a book of essays about the constructed reality of photography) and Badday presents for myself (a book of weegee photographs, and a little book about photomontage which is filled with someone else's highlighting and scribbling and so makes me even happier than the book alone would have.)

b) Sigmund.

c) This classified ad:
"PEEPING TOM WATCHING ME SHOWER To the girl who has been watching me shower and get ready in teh morning by looking through my window... I am leaving it open on purpose. Come over. Hope you like what you see."
Oh wow it makes an hour of trawling the classifieds entirely worth it.

d) I found two playing cards on the street today (2 of Clubs and 7 of hearts)

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